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As long as Ida Clinckx can think of she is visiting Samba Camara and his family everytime she comes to the Gambia. And everytime she brings also little gifts with her. Sometimes also new clothes for the kids and here and then also a bit money, if needed. The photo above was taken when Mia (or Meya, that's how Ida Clinckx is called in Africa) is on the way to the tanki-tanki (African taxi) for going back to her home in Serekunda (Serre Kunda in African language) after visiting Samba, his wife Kuma, son Musa, Sofie, small Jelle, small Fatou and brother in law with his children (living in Farato).

Through the many years they have become such good friends that they even named one of their children after Ida Clinckx eldest son "Jelle"... is small Jelle :-)

But Samba's family clan is much bigger, since he has 1 brother and 6 sisters, which all have got their own families as well. On this photo below you can see Samba and his own family together with brother and sisters and nices and nephews. Ida Clinckx made this groupshot in year 2000, before she went back home to Belgium again.

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Previous last time when Ida Clinckx came to here she found a very sad family, because one of Samba's sisters had become a widow some weeks before. Since she is alone now with her 5 children Samba was building a new house for her and so Ida offered immediately financial help. She gave money for a new roof for this house. This was in February 2007...

and so next time when she came here again (in April 2007) the new roof was on the house...

Ida Clinckx was then invited to celebrate a traditional family party with the whole family clan...

More photo of Samba's family (older and newer) you can see here:




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