St. Lucy Memorial Nursery School


Here are photos of the children of the St. Lucy Nursery School, in Serekunda (The Gambia). This school is sponsered by other people but since it is located in the same town, very close to that place where Ida Mia Clinckx lives when she stays in the Gambia, these children are following her everywhere she goes. That's why she makes a stop by here sometimes also. These photos were taken on the last school day before the Christmas holidays had started (on 20th December 2006)...

...and that's why she brought some small gifts with her, like pens, books, balloons and sweets. This Christian school has got 3 classes (small, middle and elder children) which are taught by Mrs ...(?)

The children wore their very best dresses and papermade crowns on their heads because they were celebrating a Christmas party this day, with typical African food and limonades etc.

More photos of the children you can see here:



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